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нагло стащила отсюда, а то боюсь потерять)

так просто  так здорово-осталось сделать только) интересно, я что за материал использует? кусок свитера?

The racing snail tutorial

I know that I always say that this will be easy but truthfully these guys really are - they are a just keep sewing till it works kind of project. I didn't measure anything on these so this is all an approximation - I measured the finished ones and added a bit - Their wonkiness is what makes them cute (good excuse for crappy sewing too)
The snail really has three parts, shell, body and base.

You will need a strip of felted jumper or sweater approx 7 cm x 40 cm. I just guessed this and cut it freehand.
Turn over a small fold at the top and begin to curl up your shell tucking in the first raw edge so it doesn't show.
NB: To create the two toned snails I just sewed two different coloured jumper strips together and went from there.

Keep rolling , with each turn just below the top of the one previous - like a spiral, stitching it in place as you . The felt is lovely and thick so it is very forgiving of bad hand sewing (trust me).
When you have your shell measuring approx 6cm across it will be big enough. Taper the felt so that the end tucks under the bottom. Run a few stitches across the bottom to pull it in neatly.


Check out the freehand cutting here as well. Cut two body pieces in this elegant shape measuring approx 20cm x 7cm.

Sew all the way around using a small 1/4 inch seam allowance.
With pointy scissors , cut a small slit in the centre of the snails body and turn it through the slit.
Stuff your snails body and sew the slit closed - Don't panic about this as it will be covered by the shell.Using embroidery thread, wrap it around the body to create tails segments (do snails have tails?) and also a head - GO WILD!!!! Secure your threads.

Add some eyes. I sewed on a weeny circle of felt and a tiny bead - I was confused about a mouth so I just left it out! She is looking somewhat stunned here.

Then simply sew your shell to your body. Depending how far up the shell you sew, you can give your snail a bit of curve - it won't matter as he will be getting a firm base to help him stand.


You will need a small thermoplastic circle measuring 3cm across (if you have no templastic, just use a piece of old folder, or an ice cream container). Cut a piece of felt to match your body about 1cm larger than the plastic circle.
Run a gather stitch around the felt and gather up - a bit like a yo-yo only with the plastic inside. Secure your threads.

Pin the base to the bottom of your snail and check for balance - fiddle around until you find the right position so he can stand........ Stitch it on and then, if he can stand ....he can race!

(eeeek I love this)

I made this mat to go with the snails. I think it would be a great gift for little kids - you just need to add some dice and away you go. yes OK, My youngest is almost 14 but ....ummm...well I like it!!!
So if you hang on I'll give you the rush job tute on this as well.............

The mat is approx 120cm x 45 cm. I used some white cotton and drew the grid on with a fabric marker.

The finish line I created in word and printed out on Matilda's Own ink jet printable fabric - you could do the same for the numbers but I had some on fabric already.
I added a batting layer of flannelette - the idea is that the mat needs some weight so it can sit nicely on the floor but can't be too puffy or the snails will topple over. Then I sewed the grid with black thread, using a triple stitch so it is nice and thick.
Everything else gets Vliesofixed in place ( the same sort of thing as wonder under or double sided applique adhesive) and then stitched.

Once everything is where it should be - just add a backing. I sewed it up and turned it all out through the gap , rather than bother with a binding.
The fruity finish line was cut straight from fruity fabric and added the same as the rest.
If you made this as a gift you could also make a dice and have doubles of the numbers 1, 2, 3, so the game lasts a bit longer. Or you could just make a really long racecourse!!!

In a photo finish- I think Corduroy won by an eyeball.

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